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New York, NY: February 10, 2005 - Viscogliosi Bros., LLC (“VB”) is pleased to announce the completion of an agreement with Biorthex, Inc. (“Biorthex”), Montreal, Canada, for exclusive global development, sales and distribution of Actipore™ for use in small bone and joint applications.

With extensive clinical history in spine implants, Actipore™ is a porous titanium-nickel alloy with excellent biological and biomechanical properties that can be used either as a complete implant material or as a surface coating. Actipore™’s integrated porosity / lattice-like structure is similar to trabecular bone and supports bone cell penetration, bone cell integration, and long-term bone cell survival. Titanium nickel alloys have been FDA approved and used worldwide in orthopaedic clinical applications for more than ten years.

Through Actipore™, Biorthex owns a unique ultra porous biologically and biomechanically compatible material, with a porous structure consisting of interconnected passageways, that permit long term bone cell integration and survival throughout the structure. This exclusive technology platform has similar mechanical properties to bone, resulting in load sharing, rapid tissue ingrowth and eliminating the requirement for additional bone graft material, thus reducing the time of surgery, the risk of complications and preventing graft site morbidity.

To date there have been more than 1,000 implantations world-wide utilizing Actipore™, three clinical studies (plus one ongoing study) have been initiated, and more than 25 pre-clinical studies have been performed. The first product that utilized the technology, the Actipore™ PLF System was first implanted in December 2001 as a proprietary, technologically advanced interbody fusion device indicated for lumbar fusion procedures. Biorthex recently launched a second Actipore™ product for cervical fusions, the ActiporeTM ACF System.

Benoit Sicotte, President and COO of Biorthex, Inc., said: “Although only currently used in spine applications, Biorthex is committed to further leveraging its Actipore™ technology in all areas of orthopedics. By partnering with VB, we believe the proven benefits of Actipore™ will be extended to doctors and patients in other orthopedic markets.”

Anthony G. Viscogliosi, Principal at VB, said: “We at VB are focused on being at the forefront of delivering surgeon innovated technologies to solve unmet clinical needs for orthopedic patients and we believe that Actipore™ offers significant improvements over existing surface coating and total implant material technologies facilitating the opportunity for rapid osseus integration where bonestock is minimal. Our company looks forward to working with Biorthex and leading surgeons from around the globe to develop new applications for the material to address unmet clinical needs of orthopedic surgeons and their patients.”

About Biorthex, Inc.
Biorthex Inc. is a biotechnology company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets innovative and proprietary surgical products for the treatment of spinal disorders. The Company is dedicated to providing the surgical community with safe, technologically proven and innovative spinal implants for use in the treatment of spinal disorders, diseases and injuries.

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Contact: Benoit Sicotte
President and COO
Biorthex, Inc.
(514) 382-4800

About Viscogliosi Bros., LLC
Established by Marc R. Viscogliosi, John J. Viscogliosi and Anthony G. Viscogliosi in New York City in 1999, VB was the first venture capital/private equity and merchant banking firm dedicated to the musculoskeletal/orthopedics sector of the health care industry. Today, VB is a leading independent firm with a mission to create, build and finance companies founded on innovations developed by surgeons and uniquely focused on "life changing" musculoskeletal/orthopedic technologies. VB has worldwide surgeon, industry and trade relationships and significant financial expertise in the musculoskeletal/orthopedic sector.

As principals of VB, the Viscogliosi brothers have a combined total of more than 35 years experience analyzing and investing in the musculoskeletal/orthopedics sector. The have pioneered innovative financial, strategic and management initiatives for companies in the sector, from start-up, seed and development stage all the way to exit, while helping thousands of people lead better lives through the orthopedic and spinal products marketed and sold by the companies they have assisted in developing and financing.
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