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New York, NY: February 10, 2005 - Viscogliosi Bros., LLC (“VB”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Avanta Orthopaedics, Inc. (“Avanta”), a leading global provider of upper extremity reconstruction / arthroplasty products.  Under the terms of the agreement, VB acquired all assets of the company in exchange for a one-time payment to the former owner, Cretex Companies, Inc.
Operating since 1976, with facilities in Minneapolis, MN and San Diego, CA, Avanta has long held a strong position in the upper extremity device market.  Currently, Avanta designs and develops a variety of clinically-proven reconstruction / arthroplasty products for the finger, thumb, hand, wrist, forearm, and elbow.  The company’s rHead Radial Implant™ is the market leader for radial head replacement procedures and the Avanta Total Wrist™ is one of the foremost total wrist replacement products currently on the market.
To date there have been more than 35,000 implantations world-wide utilizing Avanta’s products in 20 countries. In the US, Avanta has 15 FDA approved products (8 finger products, 5 wrist products, 2 elbow products) and is expected to introduce five more innovative products by year end 2005.

Mr. Anthony G. Viscogliosi, a Principal of VB, said: “VB believes that Avanta’s current product line has significant untapped market potential when properly positioned and marketed.  We look forward to working closely with Avanta’s operational team to fully maximize the opportunity to develop the upper extremity business. Avanta has a storied history of working alongside world class, leading surgeons from the Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota - developing innovative products to treat orthopedic pathologies of the hand, elbow, and wrist. We expect to both continue our strong and close relationships and develop new working relationships with a number of other world class surgeon innovators and to continue to develop solutions to clinically unmet needs.”
Avanta’s General Manager and Vice President, Doug Plunkett said:  “VB has a history of bringing innovative thinking to orthopaedic businesses and we are excited to be a part of the VB family of companies.  With VB’s financial resources, network of surgeon-contacts and strong industry ties, we are convinced that we can grow our existing business while moving into other, related market segments.” 
About Avanta
Avanta Orthopedics, LLC is a market-leading orthopedic implant manufacturer and marketer based in San Diego, California.  Since 1976, the Company has been a US market leader dedicated to developing surgeon-innovated implants for the hand and upper extremity markets. Working alongside leading surgeons worldwide, Avanta has developed innovative products to treat orthopedic pathologies of the hand, wrist, and elbow.
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About Viscogliosi Bros., LLC
Established by Marc R. Viscogliosi, John J. Viscogliosi and Anthony G. Viscogliosi in New York City in 1999, VB was the first venture capital/private equity and merchant banking firm dedicated to the musculoskeletal/orthopedics sector of the health care industry. Today, VB is a leading independent firm with a mission to create, build and finance companies founded on innovations developed by surgeons and uniquely focused on "life changing" musculoskeletal/orthopedic technologies. VB has worldwide surgeon, industry and trade relationships and significant financial expertise in the musculoskeletal/orthopedic sector.

As principals of VB, the Viscogliosi brothers have a combined total of more than 35 years experience analyzing and investing in the musculoskeletal/orthopedics sector. The have pioneered innovative financial, strategic and management initiatives for companies in the sector, from start-up, seed and development stage all the way to exit, while helping thousands of people lead better lives through the orthopedic and spinal products marketed and sold by the companies they have assisted in developing and financing.
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